Mathematical puzzler : A Casual Game

Have u played Tetris?
Can say with more than 90% certainty*,that you have.

Yes it is that same game where blocks drop to make lines and there are bonus points for number of lines that one can make in one go.

To me personally puzzle games, having a hidden mathematical structure, are a constant fascination. And though Tetris is one such game, also being one of most popular games of all time, and there have been others(various versions of sudoko), off and on, wonder why they have not been more? And if there have been, how come not popular that don't readily come to mind?

Too difficult to make, too small a demographic which is interested, no fun, all of this and more?

Well don't know the right answer but am hopeful that a lot of that is going to change. Already there is a growing demographic, different from hard core gamers, playing what are called casual games, a category to which Tetris can also said to belong. And within this, think there is a need, and a market niche, for people wanting to excercise their brains, if u will, than just needing to improve upon hand eye coordination.

Guess just like Nintendo changed and expanded the game playing demographic, there is need for some more individual/companies that can come out with such engaging stuff.

Personally, have designed a couple, working to bring them to iPhone and or XBOX 360 and or online. From initial feedback to a closed group of users, things look good.
Let's see if finds a large enough audience, and also if there are other developers creating for this 'puzzle' genre. In case, dear reader you know of any, do leave a comment.

*Given the demographic that would come to read this blog; still in case you haven't, go here to know more and download a sample maybe.

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