Nokia's Real Slim Shady

Oks so here's goes an 'update' to the review of Nokia's slim and smart, smart phone E71, which i bought almost as soon as it was launched in India market.
And just in case after having read previous post, about E71,u thought i was less than thorough(guess never completed covered all the features), here let me start by pointing out E71's one feature that has been getting my friends and acquaintances to buy. Yup, once again as obliquely covered by title, Nokia's new smart phones 'slimness' is what is catching user's attention. Guess no one wanted to see a big bulky, but feature laden phone from Nokia, and everyone is surprised that their desire for a sleeker design have been more than fulfilled.
So go take a look, in case u have not till now, and even u'll be surprised, as so many others, as to the sheer sophistication in looks department that this phone has.

Now,for all those gadget geeky mongers, who want the complete feature list.
Well all i gotta to say to that is, am using it now for almost six months and there is still something left to discover. Yup this is a full functioning smart phone, where one can browse, have push email(even gmail), get connected over WiFi, connect to office network over VPN, and have VoIP conversations.
Guess there is so much, that don't think all of it is useful to the same demographic.
Which is why looks like Nokia launched another, similar looking phone, E63, which is cheaper, and reduces on some of the features, like camera quality and hot swappable memory.
And guess this is the only grouse that have with E71; that it has a cheaper cousin now, giving unconverted users a choice, something that we early adopters missed; and also that E63 looks just the same as its expensive cousin, leaving with wondering, if the real slim smart, smart phone stand out:)

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