Me, My Self and Mine

This post for those who on reading want to be friends or discover are friends getting back in touch.

So in case Orkut is your preferred social hangout, here is the link to my profile and tribe.

Similiarly if it is Facebook that you prefer,find me here .

Sigh, and in case it is some other place on this world wide web that you call home, do leave a comment, along with benefits of moving there and i just might consider joining you:)

Career Course

Okie, just a quick post to summarize elements of my resume, not that am looking for a job, more to satisfy and come clear on questions that surface when reading a persons thoughts on varied topics, questions like what does he do for a living etc.

Well so here it is, dear readers, without delay, a quick summary.

MCA with 10.5 years’ of qualitative experience in MS Platform,.NET 3.x/2.x/1.x (ASP.NET, C#, ADO.NET using VS.NET), MS SQLServer 2005/2000, IIS 7.x/6.x, MOSS 2007.

Skilled in architecting Web2.0 dotcoms based on .NET using ASP.NET, AJAX, and Silverlight

Experience defining tech strategy and roadmap in accordance with solution’s vision, and stakeholder need. Also converting and incorporating it into appropriate technical architecture and high level design.

Facility working with both formal (RUP,CMM) as well as agile (eXtreme Programming, SCRUM) process models, making use of tools for creation and maintenance of development artifacts.

Now in case you want to know more and have a LinkedIn Id,
click here to find me.

Not really a book, but (almost) ideal for bedtime reading

Oks, sort of fitting in my mind to restart slew of posts with another gadget review/feedback/usage experience.

And this time of Acer Aspire One, yup a NetBook, bought in the current promotional scheme that ran from Jan 10 to 20.

Well, straight off, what a relief to work again on an XP m/c.
Guess did not realize the extent to which was missing its speed, ease of use, program support until got to use it again.
Here is the thing, this NetBook is fast, and that 1GB of RAM goes a long way in making it so. Also since we are on memory issues, would like to mention that hard disk is capacious. In case you don't have an iPOD(or any other MP3 player to store digital media), or even if you do, 160 GB of hard disk space is such a relief to have. You can transfer(like i did) almost all of ur digital media, music, movies, ebooks, installers for essential tools and still have space left. Further given that it is so light, all that media can be consumed even when you are snuggled in bed:)

As a category, whoever thought of this, is a genius. This is definitely something that the world needed, financial meltdown, recession or not. A parallel here comes to mind, netbook as a category is to PC** what Nano is to cars***.
Looks like as sight of a family on a scooter inspired Nano's creation, it must have been sight of geek, struggling with using in tightest of places, like a packed Delhi metro compartment, in a call centre cab, or even on their beds, that has led to this netBook.

Well, the whole thing is best summarized in words of a fellow shopper, working on a demo piece, evaluating before buying, "This is a true laptop" he exclaimed.

My feelings, exactly.

*WOW,can not believe am eulogizing a version of Windows
**Personal Computer or Portable Computer
***Minus the environmental impact, though am not sure if netbooks sell in 100 million range, there would be an impact, both in terms of factories that produce and batteries powering each piece

Sorry for the interruption

Yup, as you dear reader can make out, am back to writing and posting.

Was end Aug when started this blog, and up until then 08 had been okie; in fact looked like all the ominous warnings were misplaced.

And then come September, especially Sep 15 and word meltdown gained currency, gaining strength unlike most other financial assets; a tornado passed through financial markets likes of which most of us alive today have not seen.

Now just in case you get confused about my geo physical coordinates, and want to check location section in my profile,permit me to clarify.

Since September, the circus of life, worldwide has become soo interesting.
Not that any of it had an immediate or a material impact on daily living,just that too many interesting things happened too fast, and there was so much to say, write about, comment on. In fact did, just that none of it landed as posts here, for before any one of it could be completed, something else came up to take attention away.

Whew what a time, the last four months of 2008. Guess 08/08/08 was what was supposed to be scary, a point if passed things would be fine said the soothsayers.
But now in hindsight, looks like all worst crises of the year happened after that date.

Anyways, to get back on purpose for this post, which is to re-start on posting, will conclude by saying, old DoorDarshan style, sorry for the interruption, for any disappointment caused. Am back to writing, and posting, integrating whole process better with daily grind than last year.

So hello/hi/hola, how are things?
Hopefully good and getting better.

Change has come, hopefully a call too has

So with swearing in of US President Barack Hussein Obama, process of change of guard at the very echelons of power is complete.

Looks like this moment, full of so much significance, historical and otherwise, is a culmination of a chain of events started two years ago.

And obviously the swearing in is a logical conclusion to the election in Nov, which is when 'Change has come to America' was first heard, finding an echo worldwide.

Guess no point repeating it here or delving into this idiom's subtlety.

Just this niggling thought in my mind, that hopefully a call has come to India, after the swearing in, a call to Honorable Prime Minister of India, Dr. Manmohan Singh.

Possibly it has, or maybe it was not so important this time, after the swearing in, when (maybe) world leaders might be calling to congratulate.

But in Nov '08, remember distinctly, small news item, on the front pages of a couple of english news dailies, carrying a story of how, Mr Barack Obama, the then US Presidential elect, had chosen to call Pakistan and speak to its President before calling India.

There was gap of a couple of days, but a call (eventually) did come to India too.

Sigh, so much talk of historical significance,reams of newsprint voicing need for an 'Indian Obama', and yet such news stories on what at best is a diplomatic nicety.

How about we as a nation and a people truly integrated the meaning and significance of President Barack Obama's successful campaign for the White House in our lives?

And by that i mean figuring out what is truly important in each of our lives and as a society,a vast and a diverse nation, and then focusing all our collective energies on making it happen, whatever that may be.

For then, change would come to the world, and all of us would be better off.

For now looks like, change has come, but to America, only.