Sorry for the interruption

Yup, as you dear reader can make out, am back to writing and posting.

Was end Aug when started this blog, and up until then 08 had been okie; in fact looked like all the ominous warnings were misplaced.

And then come September, especially Sep 15 and word meltdown gained currency, gaining strength unlike most other financial assets; a tornado passed through financial markets likes of which most of us alive today have not seen.

Now just in case you get confused about my geo physical coordinates, and want to check location section in my profile,permit me to clarify.

Since September, the circus of life, worldwide has become soo interesting.
Not that any of it had an immediate or a material impact on daily living,just that too many interesting things happened too fast, and there was so much to say, write about, comment on. In fact did, just that none of it landed as posts here, for before any one of it could be completed, something else came up to take attention away.

Whew what a time, the last four months of 2008. Guess 08/08/08 was what was supposed to be scary, a point if passed things would be fine said the soothsayers.
But now in hindsight, looks like all worst crises of the year happened after that date.

Anyways, to get back on purpose for this post, which is to re-start on posting, will conclude by saying, old DoorDarshan style, sorry for the interruption, for any disappointment caused. Am back to writing, and posting, integrating whole process better with daily grind than last year.

So hello/hi/hola, how are things?
Hopefully good and getting better.

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