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Okie, just a quick post to summarize elements of my resume, not that am looking for a job, more to satisfy and come clear on questions that surface when reading a persons thoughts on varied topics, questions like what does he do for a living etc.

Well so here it is, dear readers, without delay, a quick summary.

MCA with 10.5 years’ of qualitative experience in MS Platform,.NET 3.x/2.x/1.x (ASP.NET, C#, ADO.NET using VS.NET), MS SQLServer 2005/2000, IIS 7.x/6.x, MOSS 2007.

Skilled in architecting Web2.0 dotcoms based on .NET using ASP.NET, AJAX, and Silverlight

Experience defining tech strategy and roadmap in accordance with solution’s vision, and stakeholder need. Also converting and incorporating it into appropriate technical architecture and high level design.

Facility working with both formal (RUP,CMM) as well as agile (eXtreme Programming, SCRUM) process models, making use of tools for creation and maintenance of development artifacts.

Now in case you want to know more and have a LinkedIn Id,
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