Not really a book, but (almost) ideal for bedtime reading

Oks, sort of fitting in my mind to restart slew of posts with another gadget review/feedback/usage experience.

And this time of Acer Aspire One, yup a NetBook, bought in the current promotional scheme that ran from Jan 10 to 20.

Well, straight off, what a relief to work again on an XP m/c.
Guess did not realize the extent to which was missing its speed, ease of use, program support until got to use it again.
Here is the thing, this NetBook is fast, and that 1GB of RAM goes a long way in making it so. Also since we are on memory issues, would like to mention that hard disk is capacious. In case you don't have an iPOD(or any other MP3 player to store digital media), or even if you do, 160 GB of hard disk space is such a relief to have. You can transfer(like i did) almost all of ur digital media, music, movies, ebooks, installers for essential tools and still have space left. Further given that it is so light, all that media can be consumed even when you are snuggled in bed:)

As a category, whoever thought of this, is a genius. This is definitely something that the world needed, financial meltdown, recession or not. A parallel here comes to mind, netbook as a category is to PC** what Nano is to cars***.
Looks like as sight of a family on a scooter inspired Nano's creation, it must have been sight of geek, struggling with using in tightest of places, like a packed Delhi metro compartment, in a call centre cab, or even on their beds, that has led to this netBook.

Well, the whole thing is best summarized in words of a fellow shopper, working on a demo piece, evaluating before buying, "This is a true laptop" he exclaimed.

My feelings, exactly.

*WOW,can not believe am eulogizing a version of Windows
**Personal Computer or Portable Computer
***Minus the environmental impact, though am not sure if netbooks sell in 100 million range, there would be an impact, both in terms of factories that produce and batteries powering each piece

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