Finding Nemesis of the iPhone

Oks so looks like every one is (correction) was waiting for the iPhone.

Looks like every one thinks N96 is going to be the answer to Apple from Nokia.

Guess everyone as in everyone, even Nokia for it ran on eve of iPhone's launch, a similar advertising campaign(front pages of national English dailies), announcing N96. Ads had elements similar to iPhone ads(links for booking and all, emblazoned across the page, though placed at bottom).

Guess everyone as in everyone, even my Mom; she talked of how N96 might be better than iPhone, and cheaper.

Looks like now the hunt for iPhone's killer is taking hold of some peoples imigination akin to how a recent double murder mystery in Delhi suburb took root.

And even in this case, that of finding nemesis of the iPhone, think we are looking in wrong direction. Guess it is difficult to think clearly, given so much emotional investment in brands and hype.

But anyways, without spending any more time digressing, let me boldly introduce you to the real iPhone 'killer' if you will.

Yup it is from Nokia and its already launched, yes you can go and buy, now!
Okie okie, after having read this post, which also doubles up as a user(mine) review of Nokia E71. There, i said it. That is the name of a phone, as sleek and nice to look at than any other phone, Nokia that is.
E71 is a successsor to E62,E61(i), but not a big bulky(E62) or a big bulky but rounded(E61) square.But a dis-similar curved at the sides rectangle, very similar to current iPhone 2G.

Looks like that is how products in this category are going. If you have seen picture of the Blackberry Bold, then also very easy to imagine E71 as it is almost alike, for Blackberry Bold too has a full QWERTY keyboard. So overall the layout of the screen and keyboard comes out to be the same.

So if how the phone looks is very or as important, thing is E71 would not let you down one bit. Moment you take it out from its case(bundled along) friends,family, colleagues eyes would light up; they would want to hold it; whether u allow it or not, is entirely up to u. But here is the thing, even if you do, you needn't worry; this one inherits Nokia's ruggedness, so unlike the iPhone all fiddling is not going to leave any prints; not any that can not be wiped off using a kerchief.

Now i can tell you that it has 3 mega pixel camera, with video recording support and flash.
That it has a hot swappable memory card with 2GB card bundled.
That it has a built in IMAP client that one can have email configured in a snap.
That it has GPS and Nokia maps, which immediately identified the lane and by lanes of my Delhi suburban neighborhood, along with telling me all things of interest nearby.

Whew, am a little out of breath, given the above and also seeing all the hype and hoopla surrounding the iPhone launch with suspense being over. So how about another post, with nothing but a just a feature by feature comparison.
And yes, one thing and that is in case you want to go buy it now, Nokia E71 is 20K or so(+-Rs500) with a 2GB card coming along with case, stereo phones in standard pacakaging. iPhone is a sure 50% more.

I know, i know, a full QWERTY sleek smart phone for under 20K from Nokia. You just want to go buy. Just do it, as famous tag line says, just remember E71.

That is the real iPhone killer, not any other.

Can't get enough

Seems like everyone is complaining of
iPhone's launch price here.

Nokia launched E71 around three weeks a go, and at a price hitting what is called market's sweet spot.Though retailer tells me it is pretty fast moving since its launch, and it is a very good phone (await my review here), don't think enough people know of it, and are buying it.

Probably Nokia too should have done this, a launch and all.
Instead what they did, was to run ads in most every break, of NDTV Profit, on Aug 1-2.Guess the ads are still pretty much ubiquitous, especially on NDTV network channels.And also online, though that is from July third week or so.

However, looks like we as a nation are hungry for more; yup like the Americans, more is better, whether it be of features or marketing. And yes, even more of money to pay. Am sure less price than what iPhone retails for now, would have led to weaker and not stronger sales, two gadget journos on NDTVs disappointment not withstanding.

Price means exclusivity, and thus think the AirTel executive is spot on when he says Apple decided the price

A company with as strong brand values as Apple, grokked correctly that price had to 'higher' for iPhones' to be in users of right demographic. And to this 'i' demographic and generation, it can then hope to sell, not only pods and phones(which imported from US they already have), but products like AppleTV, Macs, PowerBooks, basically its whole product range in (for lack of better term) PC category. A category dominated by HP/Compaq desktops, Dell/Toshiba laptops.

Guess Steve is spot on, and on the job, guarding his 'fortress' of a brand, in this country, a so far removed from American and Californian reality.

Kudos Steve, congratulations Apple, and welcome iPhone.

ET call home

Random thought: (Maybe)Spielberg and Jobs are friends(or seems like, am not sure).

Now, what are the chances that if iconic 1983 movie featuring a lovable alien was made today, that it would have ET use an iPhone to call home?

Would either Steve be okie with it?

If not, then which one, Spielberg or Jobs?

No prizes for guessing this one, as no way of finding out the correct response:)

Send in your responses as comments still.

Only Vimal

High court asks the Ambani brothers to settle; wants their Mother to help resolve dispute.

Reminds me of famed jingle for Reliance textile brand, use to run so much on TV and Radio.
Looks like it can be paraphrased such as to replace mother in place of Vimal.

And this way it would accurately reflect what so many in the country already feel, that it is only Kokila bahen who can bring peace in this dispute. A dispute which if escalates into a war would be in no ones interest, for as an old adage goes, when two elephants fight, it is earth that suffers most.

Hope this new adaption has same quality as jingle of yore, fresh after all these years, bringing nostalgia for times gone by, and connecting a consumer with a brand.

Hope it becomes a mantra that helps two brothers connect to their shared heritage, bringing an end to acrimony.

And all of us can heave a collective sigh of relief.

Double Delight

So indeed it is turning out to be a momentous day for us at the Olympics.

2008/2008 would come to mean birth of two champions.
Two men digging deep to find courage and victory.
Maybe after this, 8 would come to mean a whole lot of positive things, other than fate and catastrophe.
Am not aware of reasons for 8 being considered so auspicious in China but guess it makes total
sense. Come to think of it, maybe 8 means both, like another (Chinese)proverb, times of great crisis are times of great opportunity.

Surely before the games started, it was a great crisis for our national sport.
For the very first time in history, we were not in contention for a hockey medal, having failed to qualify for this edition of the games.
And now look at the headlines; almost every where it is being touted as our best Olympics till date.
Crisis has really given way to great opportunity translated in to even greater achievement;
We have our first ever individual gold, and guess highest medal tally.

Wow, once again what an Olympics it is turning out to be for us a nation.
Great crisis in our national game, greater opportunity in many other sports.

Small first step

So windows decides to restart as am about to start writing this post; augurs well i suppose:)

Have been thinking of doing this for sometime now, and guess no better day than today to start; comes once in so many years, they tell me, date like today, 20/08/2008.
Untrue i suppose, for half the world uses a different convention;

Anyways, away with trivialities; this is going to be my first post, and like so many firsts in life, supposed to be special, significant, having a unique stamp and signature.

Write about Singh is King, a thought surfaces; only have not seen the movie so don't know what can i say.Guess above title has so much currency these days, being bandied about in media so much; from TV news channels to fm, that it has become background score to my thought process.

So much for modern marketing; leveraging a significant political event for promotion and 'brand recall'. Art follows life, one might say, or is it supposed to be the other way, life following art?

Any which ways, it is all mixed up, and to prevent another one at this post level, lets change track, look at other topics.

Rains with the dilapidated state they leave Delhi roads and traffic in, playing havoc with office times comes to mind. Drive everyday to work,and thus have a first hand experience of how chaotic and desperate the situation becomes. Guess enough pain handling while commuting that no point recreating it here.

Write about 'Bachana Aye Hasseno' and how it just might redeem YashRaj studios sagging fortunes; or 'Tare Zameen Par' latest movie that we saw on vcd, and how amazing it was; or about Heroes and Lost, two TV series that have become my favourites.

Write about cricket, and Indian teams way ward ways; or the upcoming champions trophy and IPL 2; fact that latter starts just a day after former ends and how that is again going to throw up player fatigue stories.

How about Olympics are turning out to be a dance of the eights, where not only did they start on a date with three eights and an individual winning 8 gold medals. Or how lucky it has been for India, producing our first individual gold,bringing cheers to entire nation.
Looks like a fitting anticlimax to all those TV reports of doom, gloom and catastrophy the date
08/08/08 was supposed to bring.

How about Web 2.0 and architecting a dot com in .NET, writing about issues faced and problems encountered; about how they are different from 'normal' web but enterprise applications; about how to have a plastic architecture and design allowing for quick delivery of user desired features and enhancements.

How about two back to back eclipses in the month and flurry of calls from friends enquiring about possible effects.

How before even writing my first blog post, have become somewhat of an expert on what this medium is about and what it promises. Or how day begins with reading blog posts at and

Guess all of this and more is what this blog is going to be about, and to paraphrase an oft quoted proverb, journey of thousand miles begins with a small step.

So this post, a small first step in a journey spanning many a topic, bridging ideas and minds.

One small voice, trying to make sense of the current cultural cacophony.
An attempt at finding deeper meaning to this time and age than just a juxtaposition of numbers used to denote it.

Hopefully the journey is a joyous one and arriving is as much fun as getting there.