Can't get enough

Seems like everyone is complaining of
iPhone's launch price here.

Nokia launched E71 around three weeks a go, and at a price hitting what is called market's sweet spot.Though retailer tells me it is pretty fast moving since its launch, and it is a very good phone (await my review here), don't think enough people know of it, and are buying it.

Probably Nokia too should have done this, a launch and all.
Instead what they did, was to run ads in most every break, of NDTV Profit, on Aug 1-2.Guess the ads are still pretty much ubiquitous, especially on NDTV network channels.And also online, though that is from July third week or so.

However, looks like we as a nation are hungry for more; yup like the Americans, more is better, whether it be of features or marketing. And yes, even more of money to pay. Am sure less price than what iPhone retails for now, would have led to weaker and not stronger sales, two gadget journos on NDTVs disappointment not withstanding.

Price means exclusivity, and thus think the AirTel executive is spot on when he says Apple decided the price

A company with as strong brand values as Apple, grokked correctly that price had to 'higher' for iPhones' to be in users of right demographic. And to this 'i' demographic and generation, it can then hope to sell, not only pods and phones(which imported from US they already have), but products like AppleTV, Macs, PowerBooks, basically its whole product range in (for lack of better term) PC category. A category dominated by HP/Compaq desktops, Dell/Toshiba laptops.

Guess Steve is spot on, and on the job, guarding his 'fortress' of a brand, in this country, a so far removed from American and Californian reality.

Kudos Steve, congratulations Apple, and welcome iPhone.

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