Double Delight

So indeed it is turning out to be a momentous day for us at the Olympics.

2008/2008 would come to mean birth of two champions.
Two men digging deep to find courage and victory.
Maybe after this, 8 would come to mean a whole lot of positive things, other than fate and catastrophe.
Am not aware of reasons for 8 being considered so auspicious in China but guess it makes total
sense. Come to think of it, maybe 8 means both, like another (Chinese)proverb, times of great crisis are times of great opportunity.

Surely before the games started, it was a great crisis for our national sport.
For the very first time in history, we were not in contention for a hockey medal, having failed to qualify for this edition of the games.
And now look at the headlines; almost every where it is being touted as our best Olympics till date.
Crisis has really given way to great opportunity translated in to even greater achievement;
We have our first ever individual gold, and guess highest medal tally.

Wow, once again what an Olympics it is turning out to be for us a nation.
Great crisis in our national game, greater opportunity in many other sports.

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