Only Vimal

High court asks the Ambani brothers to settle; wants their Mother to help resolve dispute.

Reminds me of famed jingle for Reliance textile brand, use to run so much on TV and Radio.
Looks like it can be paraphrased such as to replace mother in place of Vimal.

And this way it would accurately reflect what so many in the country already feel, that it is only Kokila bahen who can bring peace in this dispute. A dispute which if escalates into a war would be in no ones interest, for as an old adage goes, when two elephants fight, it is earth that suffers most.

Hope this new adaption has same quality as jingle of yore, fresh after all these years, bringing nostalgia for times gone by, and connecting a consumer with a brand.

Hope it becomes a mantra that helps two brothers connect to their shared heritage, bringing an end to acrimony.

And all of us can heave a collective sigh of relief.

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