Finding Nemesis of the iPhone

Oks so looks like every one is (correction) was waiting for the iPhone.

Looks like every one thinks N96 is going to be the answer to Apple from Nokia.

Guess everyone as in everyone, even Nokia for it ran on eve of iPhone's launch, a similar advertising campaign(front pages of national English dailies), announcing N96. Ads had elements similar to iPhone ads(links for booking and all, emblazoned across the page, though placed at bottom).

Guess everyone as in everyone, even my Mom; she talked of how N96 might be better than iPhone, and cheaper.

Looks like now the hunt for iPhone's killer is taking hold of some peoples imigination akin to how a recent double murder mystery in Delhi suburb took root.

And even in this case, that of finding nemesis of the iPhone, think we are looking in wrong direction. Guess it is difficult to think clearly, given so much emotional investment in brands and hype.

But anyways, without spending any more time digressing, let me boldly introduce you to the real iPhone 'killer' if you will.

Yup it is from Nokia and its already launched, yes you can go and buy, now!
Okie okie, after having read this post, which also doubles up as a user(mine) review of Nokia E71. There, i said it. That is the name of a phone, as sleek and nice to look at than any other phone, Nokia that is.
E71 is a successsor to E62,E61(i), but not a big bulky(E62) or a big bulky but rounded(E61) square.But a dis-similar curved at the sides rectangle, very similar to current iPhone 2G.

Looks like that is how products in this category are going. If you have seen picture of the Blackberry Bold, then also very easy to imagine E71 as it is almost alike, for Blackberry Bold too has a full QWERTY keyboard. So overall the layout of the screen and keyboard comes out to be the same.

So if how the phone looks is very or as important, thing is E71 would not let you down one bit. Moment you take it out from its case(bundled along) friends,family, colleagues eyes would light up; they would want to hold it; whether u allow it or not, is entirely up to u. But here is the thing, even if you do, you needn't worry; this one inherits Nokia's ruggedness, so unlike the iPhone all fiddling is not going to leave any prints; not any that can not be wiped off using a kerchief.

Now i can tell you that it has 3 mega pixel camera, with video recording support and flash.
That it has a hot swappable memory card with 2GB card bundled.
That it has a built in IMAP client that one can have email configured in a snap.
That it has GPS and Nokia maps, which immediately identified the lane and by lanes of my Delhi suburban neighborhood, along with telling me all things of interest nearby.

Whew, am a little out of breath, given the above and also seeing all the hype and hoopla surrounding the iPhone launch with suspense being over. So how about another post, with nothing but a just a feature by feature comparison.
And yes, one thing and that is in case you want to go buy it now, Nokia E71 is 20K or so(+-Rs500) with a 2GB card coming along with case, stereo phones in standard pacakaging. iPhone is a sure 50% more.

I know, i know, a full QWERTY sleek smart phone for under 20K from Nokia. You just want to go buy. Just do it, as famous tag line says, just remember E71.

That is the real iPhone killer, not any other.

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What happened? Where did you vanish after few posts...?
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