Small first step

So windows decides to restart as am about to start writing this post; augurs well i suppose:)

Have been thinking of doing this for sometime now, and guess no better day than today to start; comes once in so many years, they tell me, date like today, 20/08/2008.
Untrue i suppose, for half the world uses a different convention;

Anyways, away with trivialities; this is going to be my first post, and like so many firsts in life, supposed to be special, significant, having a unique stamp and signature.

Write about Singh is King, a thought surfaces; only have not seen the movie so don't know what can i say.Guess above title has so much currency these days, being bandied about in media so much; from TV news channels to fm, that it has become background score to my thought process.

So much for modern marketing; leveraging a significant political event for promotion and 'brand recall'. Art follows life, one might say, or is it supposed to be the other way, life following art?

Any which ways, it is all mixed up, and to prevent another one at this post level, lets change track, look at other topics.

Rains with the dilapidated state they leave Delhi roads and traffic in, playing havoc with office times comes to mind. Drive everyday to work,and thus have a first hand experience of how chaotic and desperate the situation becomes. Guess enough pain handling while commuting that no point recreating it here.

Write about 'Bachana Aye Hasseno' and how it just might redeem YashRaj studios sagging fortunes; or 'Tare Zameen Par' latest movie that we saw on vcd, and how amazing it was; or about Heroes and Lost, two TV series that have become my favourites.

Write about cricket, and Indian teams way ward ways; or the upcoming champions trophy and IPL 2; fact that latter starts just a day after former ends and how that is again going to throw up player fatigue stories.

How about Olympics are turning out to be a dance of the eights, where not only did they start on a date with three eights and an individual winning 8 gold medals. Or how lucky it has been for India, producing our first individual gold,bringing cheers to entire nation.
Looks like a fitting anticlimax to all those TV reports of doom, gloom and catastrophy the date
08/08/08 was supposed to bring.

How about Web 2.0 and architecting a dot com in .NET, writing about issues faced and problems encountered; about how they are different from 'normal' web but enterprise applications; about how to have a plastic architecture and design allowing for quick delivery of user desired features and enhancements.

How about two back to back eclipses in the month and flurry of calls from friends enquiring about possible effects.

How before even writing my first blog post, have become somewhat of an expert on what this medium is about and what it promises. Or how day begins with reading blog posts at and

Guess all of this and more is what this blog is going to be about, and to paraphrase an oft quoted proverb, journey of thousand miles begins with a small step.

So this post, a small first step in a journey spanning many a topic, bridging ideas and minds.

One small voice, trying to make sense of the current cultural cacophony.
An attempt at finding deeper meaning to this time and age than just a juxtaposition of numbers used to denote it.

Hopefully the journey is a joyous one and arriving is as much fun as getting there.


Life Begins said...

Welcome to the world of blogging!!
Am sure you would not need any topic ...once you start writing the words flow on their own.
And i am already amazed to see few posts in a span of 3 days :)
Keep writing!!

Vibhas K Dhingra said...

Thanks so much for encouragement:)
Me to is a Cappy by sun sign, and guess our legendary 'caution' keeps from trying something new/different, worrying about unpalatable consequences.
But yes, as you aptly put it, once one starts, words take on a life all their own and the thought which seems so fleeting, shapes itself.
Anyways, hope to keep readers interested, and have a 'good conversation':)

Manav said...

Cool Blog...Keep writing automatically it vil become more n more interesting...


Nidhi said...

Hi vibhas..So good to read your blogs..loved your way of writing..
Would be great to read some more diverse topics from you..

sarit said...

Hi Vibhas, great to see you in the blogging universe. I really liked the posts and will be surely following the new posts :)