Game changing games

What's in a game, you might ask.
A lot actually; or that is what i think, for sure.

This is an emerging media, elements of which are only now maturing and being refined.
Guess can go on and say that it is an art form, much like film making is; well maybe this would sound far fetched, for one, practice of computer game designing is young, much younger than film making, and two there is very little evidence to buttress its claim to being an art form.

But anyways, that's that; lets take a more concrete direction, and here would just like to point out one example where MIT is exploring possibilities of using game technology to better conceptual understanding of students in varied streams. Yup, MIT, and its been in the works for a few years now, with corporate sponsors like Microsoft thrown in. Go here for details.

Now another question, given that above is possible, why is it that we still see games that are primarily themed around violence and gore? Maybe the answer here is habit, for paying audience of games has been males of a certain age group, and this is what they have showed an inking for. But now, the onus is on developers and designers, to bring to market not what people want but what they need.

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