Acer's Think Pad

This post and following intended as a sort of update to 'reviews' of E71 and Acer Aspire One, two gadgets bought in last year which i think are a 'definitive' have for any one with a digital mindset.
Anyways, so in line with first in first out, like to talk of two not so good things about Aspire. First is the battery life, which lasts for just over an hour; at least for the first week, till i discovered that maybe it is not being fully charged in the first place. And this looks like the real problem, where battery meter on status bar shows 98% or 99% full and bulb glows green though there is still some scope for charging. Advertised battery life is 2hrs plus, and one can get that, provided before initial use care is taken to ignore battery meter and charge it for 5-6 hrs.

So much for the battery thing, now for the other prob, obliquely indicated by title, pointing to a small mouse pad that Acer's netbook is endowed with. Well am a savvy laptop user, if i say so myself, and took me just about a day to get used to this pointing device on Aspire One. However, now that have come to use this new gadget more and more and in unlikeliest of places and poses, think if this had a, what's the term, trackball, that red bindi bang in middle of keyboard.

Yes, that's what, and if Acer can have some way of providing it in coming editions of Aspire One(point one?) then this would truly be a ThinkPad, only Acer's.

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