Start Me Up

Okie so this is not a Windows* launch advert from over 14 years ago, nor has it anything to do with Rolling Stones song of the same name/title.

Just a small post, almost a note from myself of now to future self, of this process of changing gears, shifting priorities, setting of new goals and different directions.

From what can make out till now, it happens in phases, this 'conversion' if u will, from being an 'employee' to being a 'business owner'. Now just in case fore going words give a wrong impression, i'll say its fun, with surprises aplenty, and things in a state of (constant?) flux. And that is what attracted one in the first place, right? Yup. Totally bored of doing the same thing over and over, caught in a straight jacket, blocked from trying new things, doing it differently.

Well so here i am, researching stuff, making plans, figuring out finances, checking out competition, bringing up my daughter, wondering at what is happening to current generation of youth, and yes writing this, all at the same time and from comfort of my home.

Guess this is phase 0, a 'First Creation', where everything is in head, and anything looks possible.

Yo to that.

*Windows 95 launching in August of that year used the said song for its TV commercial

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