.Net Architecture2.0

All of the varied applications possible on MS Technology platform classified as app types, hence Mobile application is one type and Web Applications another.

And a distinction is made, that of architectural style, whereby denoting how the important parts of a particular application are put together and interact.

Between the two points above, guess guidance for most applications that one is making or would make get covered.

Now what makes the guide really interesting is the archetypes section, where for an application type, a 'primary' form is illustrated. That is, for an application of a particular application type to be architecturally robust, the given archetype serves to function as an 'ideal'. Thus, looking at this archetype, one can make out significant parts and their relationships.

Notice here separate archetypes for Web Application and RIA, where there are variations resulting from the two being different application types, brought about by number and nature of layers, to what goes in each layer, brought about because of differences in architectural style optimum for each.

Add a section giving an overview of .NET technology, and you have a one solid resource when it comes to architecting and designing applications on .NET X.X platform. Further, given accessible style of writing, using this document to get english speaking stakeholders to see an architect's standpoint is going to be so much easier. Kudos to that; great to see that there is some one up Redmond's Mount Olympus, bringing Prometheus like, light and knowledge of app architecture to mere us mere mortals.

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