Aha, an Oscar

So the country is abuzz with Slumdog millionaire winning a clutch of Oscars, and in that set are those won by Rehman and Resul Pookutty, both 'bona fide' Indians. Hence where ever you look, whatever channel you flip, this is THE News.
Even on Google News Top Stories widget see an item related to the PM congratulating Slumdog team. All good; surely a matter of great honour and pride winning an Oscar.
Congratulations to all people involved. And also considering that Little Pinky also won, looks like India is a flavour of this Oscar season.
Now whatever might have been the merits of Slumdog as a movie or not, all the same
Jai Ho, or maybe Jai Hind:)


Anonymous said...

Wonderfully unique blog you have here; I'm glad to have stumbled across it.

gags said...

'Jai Hind' happens in spurts in the west. The last spurt was when a slew of Indian beauties won so many beauty paegants that a generation of 3-yr olds has been buying 'Bobby Browns' and catting their walks. A billion-large market is too big to ignore, I guess...
All the same, congratulations are in order to all winners.

sarit said...

well, its all good and surely India is the falvour of the day, but we need to remember that "slum" was a "hollywood" movie in an indian setting. Would be great to see a purely indian movie really making the crossover. Until then, lets rejoice... "slum" truly deserves it!