Jai Ho and Jai Hind

Well Slumdog has won and lots has been said, across different media, even the web, but on different places.

Just thought would write one post summarizing all that thicket of conversation.

Guess there are a couple of recurring themes seen.

One major current, where we Indians want to feel good about the movie and its Oscar march, just because it is about our country and fellow country men won.

Jai Ho morphing to Jai Hind.

Then there is this other current, again coming from national identification, but here instead of pride there is disgust/remorse/criticism whatever one might call it. Picturing of slums in our country, in a movie made by Brits, well one can be sure it would evoke a 'patriotic' reaction.

Jai Hind, therefore no Jai Ho.

Now, where do my allegiances lie, anticipating the thought in your head, dear reader.

Well, neither. And here would like to say, sort of tongue in cheek, how can a movie, any movie for that matter, be of national importance.
Meaning, how can people in either of the positions above, whether celebratory or critical, attach so much national significance to 'a' movie? And now when times are recessionary, with a possible economic depression looming, surely there are other matters to be more concerned about. End of the day, it is a movie,and to my mind would make for a better world if all its merit, significance and talk about it remained in realm of art*.

Attaching elements of polity ,society and nationality into what is primarily a product for 'entertainment' is going too far.

Jai Hind and Jai Ho have an incidental similarity where the first word comprising the whole phrase, is the same.

'Slumdog Millionare' is just a romantic, rags to riches movie,'incidentally' set in Mumbai backwaters.

Let's keep it that way.

*Do see some semblance of this is being said now, especially in context of 'Slums' Oscar victory for best picture, where some other popular movies lost out.

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